Equipements and tools

To enable high quality and speed of installations, we have a full range of special equipment and tools.

  • Anritsu Site Master C 331A Single port
  • Anritsu Site Master C 251B Single port
  • Notebooks Dell, TOSHIBA and HP with necessary software(MSM, OMT...)
  • GSM antenna direction finder KATHREIN 738 440
  • Torque spanners for  RBS(Ericsson LTT 601 83, LTT 601 94, LTT 601 93)
  • Special coaxial cable cutters (NK Cables, RFS)
  • Mobile telephones Ericsson SH888 TEMS and TEMS Pocket
  • Ericsson BSC simulator
  • Zero Test(impedance measuring device)
  • PU183(earth resistance measurement device)
  • PU184 Delta(electrical equipment and tool control and revision instrument)
  • GPS receivers GARMIN(QUEST, E-Trex)